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How to Handle a Hit and Run

A hit and run accident can be a very frustrating experience for a driver. Whether you are in the vehicle when the accident occurs or you return to your car in the parking lot after a day of shopping to find it has been damaged, both of these situations classify as a “hit and run.”

Whenever you are involved in a collision where the other driver leaves the scene without providing any of their information, it is called a “hit and run.”   Here are five steps to take in the event that you find yourself in this position:


Call 911

If you were in your vehicle when it was hit and you or someone else was injured, the first step you need to take is to contact the police. Reporting the accident to the police right away also helps to increase your chances of finding the driver.


Find out if there were any witnesses

Scan the area where the accident occurred and find out if any of the businesses or homes nearby have security cameras. They may have captured the accident and may be able to provide information for the third party.  Be sure to obtain as much information as the witness can provide such as the year, make, model, colour and license plate number of the other vehicle involved. Additionally, collect the contact details of any witnesses.


Snap a photo

Take some photos of the scene and vehicle(s) involved in the collision. If you are able to snap a quick photo of the third party as they are driving away this may be helpful in identifying them.


Report the hit and run to the police within 24 hours.

Be sure to report the incident to a Collision Reporting Centre as soon as possible; even if the damage is minor. Some insurance companies require that a Hit & Run be reported to the authorities within 24 hours in order for it to be considered a Not-At-Fault claim.


Contact Your Broker

Call your broker or insurance company’s emergency service line.  The emergency number is on the back of your pink liability insurance slip.


Fortunately, an incident that is determined to be a “hit and run” collision will not detrimentally affect your insurance rating.  However, you will be responsible for paying your collision deductible.

A hit and run accident is a very upsetting situation as the person who is at fault has left the scene, leaving you to deal with the damages to your vehicle. Our hope is that the steps provided above will help to ease your frustration if you ever find yourself in at hit and run situation. Contact our brokers at Tri-County Insurance for more details.

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