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Ontario Auto & Car Insurance

Ontario law states that all drivers have automobile insurance. It is important to know that the minimum insurance required by law often isn’t enough to cover a claim after a car accident. Our Tri-County Insurance brokers will provide you with competitive auto insurance rates, coverages and optional additional insurance protection. We also offer dozens of discounts to help you save money on insurance.

Our brokers want to make sure your car is properly covered. Here are some important coverage’s to consider.

Physical Damage Insurance

Physical damage is an optional coverage that can be added to your automobile policy, and you can choose specified perils, comprehensive, collision and all perils as coverage options.

Specified perils coverage covers losses due to fire; theft or attempted theft; lightning, windstorm or hail. Comprehensive insurance coverage covers damage to your auto due to fire, theft or vandalism.

Collision coverage protects against damage to your vehicle due to an accident caused by you, or if someone damages your car that does not have insurance or for damages done by someone you cannot identify.

All perils coverage combines the coverages of Collision and Comprehensive. This coverage also includes loss or damage caused if a person who lives in your household or an employee steals your vehicle.

Physical damage coverage is highly recommended if you have a new vehicle.

Loss Of Use Insurance

Loss of use insurance provides you with coverage for a rental if your car is involved in an accident and is being repaired. Having loss-of-use coverage will ensure you get a rental car whether the accident is your fault or not. This insurance endorsement will provide you with the convenience of not being without an automobile in the event of an insured loss.  This coverage can be added easily onto your automobile insurance policy.  The annual cost for this endorsement is about the same cost as one day’s rental fee.

Accident Forgiveness Insurance

One at-fault accident can cause your automobile insurance rates to increase hundreds of dollars.  Accident forgiveness coverage provides protection against a large increase in the event of your first at-fault accident. The cost for this optional coverage is often about $9 per month and can easily be added to your automobile policy, for those who qualify.

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