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Personal Cyber Coverage

Protect Yourself from Hackers and Scam Artists

  • Protect your smart home, computers, appliances and mobile devices from cyber extortion and scams
  • Know you’re covered from cyber and technology risks
  • Online and data breach protection included

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Ontario Personal Cyber Insurance

Your private data is a window into who you are – your banking information, your personal details such as your social insurance number, where you live, family information, where you work, where you shop and much more.

It’s called private data for a reason and we want to help you keep it that way. There is increasing concern by many – and it is not unfounded concern in a lot of cases – that our privacy is at risk.

There is no reason you should believe cyber-attacks only happen to big corporations. These are the cyber-attacks we hear about in the news. There is, in fact, a need to protect your own personal data.  Many people are not aware of the risks of personal cyber breaches until it is too late.

Cyber Attacks Happen

Cyber-attacks can take place in many different ways.

Maybe you open an email or download something on your computer or personal device from an unknown or disreputable source. Computer, mobile devices, smart TVs, connected equipment and other technology can provide ways to cyber attackers to steal you data, extort money or engage in fraud.

Personal cyber insurance can provide protection from events such as data breaches to your home computer or your personal devices, cyber-attacks, cyber extortion, data breaches and online fraud.

What Is Personal Cyber Insurance?

Personal cyber insurance can financially protect you from the aftermath of a cyber-attack, cyber extortion, online fraud or a data breach. Coverages can offer professional assistance to recover and restore data, cover online fraud that means direct financial loss to the policyholder.

Below are two possible examples of how personal cyber insurance can help you.

Cyber Attack scenario #1:

Here is a loss scenario provided by one of our insurers:

An individual opened an electronic file attached to an email that looked like it was from a well-known delivery service. It unleashed a nasty virus, which corrupted data and reconfigured the existing computer setup. Restoration involved reformatting the hard disk, erasing everything on it and reinstalling the operating system and all software applications.

Coverage can be purchased to recover data and restore systems that have been lost or damaged due to an attack involving a computing or connected home device.

Cyber Attack scenario #2:

Here is another loss scenario provided by one of our insurers:

A mother regularly volunteers at her children’s school, helping teachers track students birthdays and their lunch account numbers. She uses a spreadsheet on her personal tablet. During a field trip, she leaves the tablet on the bus and it is never recovered. Fearing that families at the school might become victims of identity theft, the woman calls her lawyer who advised her to notify the affected families and provide them with fraud alert services.

Personal Cyber Insurance can be purchased to cover data breaches. It can notify and pay for services to affected individuals in the event that third party private personal data entrusted to a household resident is breached.


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